Chief Executive Officer & Founder

It all started with a ride to Fenway Park in Boston, and Ben Morris knew the three wheels of a pedicab could go much further than most expect.

Now, after twelve years of operational and financial experience in the pedal-powered transportation industry, Ben Morris has helped develop and grow one of the most successful pedicab businesses in the industry.

That original Boston fleet was only five pedicabs, which he gradually grew into the largest pedicab company in the country. Ben’s sharp eye for niche marketing opportunities and creative ways to build brand awareness enabled him to grow his small business with savvy. In 2009 he founded our sister company, Pedicab Outdoor, a full service media company that offers unique advertising and promotional platforms all via pedicab.

Ben believes that the pedicab industry is an eco-friendly operation that provides “transportainment” — a distinctive and innovative advertising medium that mixes business with pleasure. Under this standard, Coaster Pedicab, Inc, has grown from 5 pedicabs to over 150, with a tribe of more than 375 drivers rolling through many major cities, including Boston (of course), Chicago, Newport, Portland, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Anaheim, Santa Clara, Seattle and Washington DC among the growing list.

In 2014, Ben and the Coaster Team grew once again and announced the launch of our next generation pedicab. With over 2500 hours of research, engineering, and design this pedicab will be the pinnacle for pedicab designs to come.

Ben graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in Marketing and Finance. He enjoys living in the Bay Area with his wife, two young kids, and pug- Dr. Dre.

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