frequently asked questions

  • Why won't my Coaster ECT start?

    Places to start:
    Check battery charge.

    Check battery placement and be sure it is seated and locked.

    If the Coaster ECT still won’t start and you have an anti-theft system (All Weather models), a 12 volt battery is located in a compartment behind the rider inside the cargo box that must be charged nightly. 

  • What is the RFID Key FOB?

    The RFID keyfobs and keys are specific to your Coaster ECT.

    Swiping the blue RFID chip over the receiver powers down the system, including the Bosch motor, and arms the anti-theft alarm.

    Even without the Bosch battery installed, the blue keyfob will turn on the lights (if installed on your specific Coaster model) using a 12 volt auxiliary battery located inside the cargo box. This additional battery allows the anti-theft to be activated while parked.

  • What if I lose my RFID keyfob?

    A serial number specifies each RFID keyfob. Record serial number so the key can be identified for potential key replacement. You can also record your specific Coaster serial number along with this information for fast identification.

  • Why won’t my alarm shut off?

    Hold the RFID over the reader until the alarm shuts off.

  • How long does it take the battery to charge?

    Your Bosch Cargo Battery will take 4.5 hours to charge 100% with the standard charger.

  • What is the range of the Bosch eBike battery?

    Check the Bosch eBike range finder-