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Help make events more fun, fan-friendly, and environmentally sustainable with Coaster. Our models provide a range of uses: relieve long concessions lines with the Coaster Vendor, safely transport visitors with the Coaster Pedicab, or offer new sponsor activation through mobile experiential marketing and sampling programs.

Long Term Branding

Do it for a month, quarterly, yearly, etc…it’s your call, you can choose the length (in monthly increments) of your campaign. You design the ad, we’ll print and install it. The pedicab drivers will take your brand to the busiest places daily in the coolest parts of downtown areas…guaranteed to maximize impressions!

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Team and Event Stores

Extend the reach of team and event stores by directly accessing fans and attendees – in stadium, on-campus, and at the tailgate.

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Concessions & Quick serve

Customizable functionality allows clients to serve a variety of products, keep items hot or cold, and can safely access areas where food trucks and cars are restricted.

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Resident and Visitor transportation

Coaster can be used as a Parking lot shuttle, ADA support, or other visitor services, making it a must-have for any event. Turn-key, full fleet operations are also offered.

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Experiential Marketing & Sampling

Coaster helps elevate your experiential marketing programs with our fleet of custom models including ice cream, beer / beverage, nitro coffee, and much more. Add product or beverage sampling to increase field marketing efforts.

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