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Our Coaster Pedicab models are loaded with
custom-designed features redesigned from the start

  • The PRO
  • The Luxe
  • Luxe All Weather

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Number Of Bikes

$150 Discount per bike
$300 Discount per bike

Add The Performance Package

  • Performance Package

    • SPD PEDALS (platform, one-sided)
    $150 / Bike

Additional Upgrades

Bluetooth/Waterproof Speakers

$ 150

Fender LED Package (Single Color)

$ 125

Under-carriage LED Package (Multi-color)

$ 325

Bluetooth/Waterproof Speakers

$ 150

Fender LED Package (Single Color)

$ 125

Under-carriage LED Package (Multi-color)

$ 325

Bluetooth/Waterproof Speakers

$ 150

Fender LED Package (Single Color)

$ 125

Under-carriage LED Package (Multi-color)

$ 325

Bluetooth/Waterproof Speakers

$ 150

Fender LED Package (Single Color)

$ 125

Under-carriage LED Package (Multi-color)

$ 325

Bike Frame Color as ?


Cab Color

Seat Pattern

Maintenance Kits

Travel Kit
Shop Kit
Fleet Kit
Final Price : $0

Final Price
Per Bike $0




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Coaster pedicab faq’s

Below you’ll find some of the nitty-gritty questions we often are asked about our pedicab. Even more answers to many of your questions can be found by checking out our pedicab’s features. And of course, if you can’t find your answer here on this site, please drop us a line directly and we can answer any other questions you may have!

  • What is the difference between a Coaster Pedicab and the competition?

  • Do I need Pedicab Insurance?

    Yes – to protect your company and satisfy the local regulatory requirements in your city.

    Learn more by clicking here

  • Can I follow you on social media to stay up to date on the latest on coaster pedicab?

  • Can I make a custom request?

    We’d love to hear it! We will try our best to accommodate.

  • Can I get a bulk discount for buying a larger quantity of bikes?

    Yes, we offer a $150 per bike discount if you buy between 5-9 bikes, at one time. We offer an even better discount of $300 off per bike, if you buy 10 or more bikes at one time.

  • Is financing available?

    Yes, we work with two different 3rd party finance companies. Reach out to us and we can run you through the steps to apply. We have a relationship with these companies so as soon as they give us the go-ahead for an order, we can begin building your Pedicab.

  • Can I purchase a pedicab with an electric-assist motor?

    Man has reinvented the wheel! The front wheel that is… We are proud to announce that all of our models are now offered with an Electric Assist option. We offer a couple different E-Assist options, please inquire for more info on what model is best suited for your needs.

  • Do you sell spare parts?

    Absolutely, click here to go to our parts store. If you don’t see something you need feel free to contact us for more info.

  • Does it come with a battery

    No, the bikes do not come with batteries. We recommend you purchase from a local battery store or on Amazon. We recommend a sealed-lead acid battery (SLA) 12A, 12V battery, with “F2” terminals, for use with our Pedicabs.

  • Do you sell internationally?

    Sure do! Give us a call or send us an email for more information!

  • How is the bike shipped?

    Our bikes can be shipped via freight, or by pickup if you feel like making the beautiful drive to Missoula, MT. When shipping a bike via freight, we crate the bike on a pallet 95% assembled.

  • What is included in your lighting & electrical system?

    Our electrical system is comprised of waterproof ultra-bright LED lights (the same ones used on semi trucks!), an easy to hook up 3-part wiring harness, and an aluminum battery box that features an on/off switch and USB charging ports. The lights include:

    • 2 Red turn signal/running lights
    • 2 Amber turn signal/running lights
    • 1 Red brake/running Light
    • 1 White Step Light
    • 1 White Headlight

    The wiring harness is broken down into 3 parts:

    • The wiring harness is broken down into 3 parts:
    • The Front Harness – This harness controls the headlight and the handlebar mounted turn signal switch
    • The Power Harness – This harness connects all of the harnesses to the battery; it also controls the flasher relay, USB Charger, and on/off switch.

  • Where can I find my Serial Number?

    Your Serial number can be found where the keel tube meets the seat tube, just behind where the front derailleur attaches to the frame.

  • How should I clean my polycarbonate panels?

    Polycarbonate is a material that requires specific care in order to prolong its life. Refer to this guide in order to clean your polycarbonate panels. Due to the chemical reactions that polycarbonate has to certain cleaners and ingredients, refer to this guide (link to approved sealant guide) for which sealants are compatible with polycarbonate. (PLEASE NOTE: many common, commercial cleaners will deteriorate the polycarbonate. Mild soaps like Joy and Palmolive mixed with water are best cleaning solutions for cleaning polycarbonate.) Polycarbonate Cleaning Instruction Sealants OK with Polycarbonate

  • What are the dimensions?

    • Full Length (with wheels): 106”
    • Body Length (fork dropout to bumper): 93”
    • Width: 50”
    • Step height: 14.5”

  • What are the seat dimensions?

    • Width of the Cushion Seat= 37.5”
    • Width of Seat plus overhang over Wheel Wells: 44.5”
    • Width of Seating space from panel to panel: 48.25”
    • Seatback Height: 16”

  • What are the underseat storage dimensions?

    • Underseat Storage: (interior dimensions)
    • Height (in front) = 7.5”
    • Height (in back) = 6”
    • Depth = 22”
    • Width = 39”

  • What is the weight of the Coaster Pedicab?

    Our Pro model pedicab comes in at 195 pounds.

  • What material is the frame made of?

    We believe that in order to build the best pedicab possible we need to use the best materials possible. That is why we use aircraft grade 4130 chromoly to construct our frames. The cab and canopy are built using 6061 T5 & T6 Aluminum.

  • What are the panels made of? Are they removable?

    Our panels are made out of a white polycarbonate and they are removable for easy installation of advertisements. We recommend a 3M or Avery PSV vinyl for advertising application.a

  • Do I have a choice in colors?

    Yes, we have a number of colors to choose from for the frame, cab, seat upholstery, and cargo box. See the features pages to select your combination. Note: the polycarbonate body panels are a white/opaque color.

  • What is your braking system?

    We offer a dual piston hydraulic brake system that has a wired-in hydraulic activated brake switch. Both our front and rear brakes have an emergency brake levers as well.

  • Where are your pedicabs made?

    Our pedicabs are manufactured in the USA. They are built by a highly skilled team of bike builders just outside Missoula, Montana.

  • What are your payment terms?

    We require a 50% deposit to start building your order and require the remaining 50% prior to the pedicabs shipping.

  • What are the shipping options?

    Pedicabs can be picked up at our shop in Montana, or we can help arrange shipping through a third-party shipper.

  • How was the pedicab designed?

    We took years of input from our drivers, mechanics, passengers, and management in developing our initial ideas. We then teamed up with a world class team of industrial, mechanical, and electrical engineers from Design Concepts located in Madison, WI to narrow it down to a proof of concept and ultimately a production vehicle.

  • Will you help me find advertising for my pedicabs?

    We look forward to helping people find advertising for their pedicabs. For more information on this please contact our sister company Pedicab Outdoor.

  • Can I come visit your facility?

    Yes. We welcome anyone to come visit our facility and try out our cabs. To schedule a visit please contact us directly.

See the Bike 360

  Our Bike Our Competitors
Wheels 12 gauge spokes, double walled rims 14 gauge
Cab 6061 & 6063 Aluminum Fiberglass
Frame 4130 Chromoly Steel 1010 Steel
Passenger Step 14″ 17″
Panels Removable UV-resistant Polycarbonate Fixed Fiberglass
Front Light Integrated LED Separate Battery Operated
Safety Lighting 7 LED lights located throughout 4 (2 front, 2 rear)
Seating Area Width 48″ 41″
Drive Train 24 Speed 21 Speed
Storage Storage bumpers for vertical stacking N/A
Electrical Weatherproof Battery Compartment with Battery Fastening Strap< Free Standing In Driver Compartment/ Velcro
Passenger Flooring Aluminum with anti-skid coating Fiberglass
Fork Cromoly Tubing High Tensile Steel Tubing
Additional Safety Passenger Handrail N/A
Additional Features 2-port built-in USB chargers N/A