Blue Moon Bottle Bike

    • Constructed out of rigid fiberglass and painted to meet clients’ needs
    • Enhanced LED lighting system and flood lights for optimal viewing at night
    • Easy plug and play to recharge power system

Converse Bike

    • Custom built speaker boxes with fully integrated speakers, subwoofers, and amplifier
    • Hand sewn custom upholstery with tasseled canopy roof
    • Handlebar mounted speaker and subwoofer with built in control system for music and LED lighting

Corona Bike

    • Fiberglass can wrapped in Corona graphics surrounded by clear acrylic bottle
    • Molded sand base that covers lighting and electrical system
    • Over 10 ft tall!

DJ Bike

    • Swivel seat, canopy with LED lighting, adjustable turn table stands, 110 power at control center
    • 2 marine grade speakers with 360-degree rotation capability
    • Totally self-sufficient with amplifiers, batteries, and inverters. No additional power source required

Beer Bike

    • Fully Insulated with jockey box integrated in to keep beer lines cold
    • Comes complete and ready to roll
    • Capable of carrying 4 half barrels

Beverage Sampling Bike

    • Large capacity area to keep cases of beverages cold
    • Semi-circular “hoop” frame stands out and maximizes branding
    • Call to action signage
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Why You Should Consider Investing in Promotional Bikes

Do you have a great product? Are you searching for innovative, exciting ways to get the word out about what you have to offer? If so, our promotional bikes are the ideal solution. These bikes are designed to be noticed. Not only will they feature your brand or product front and center, but they can also be enhanced with a wide array of features to make the moving advertisement even more noticeable. At Coaster Cycles, we have taken traditional bikes to the next level. We offer the promotional bikes you have been searching for.

A Vast Array of Features

Some of the features you can find with our promotional bikes include durable, custom painted frames, LED lighting systems and flood lights, which means it even works at night, custom speaker boxes and canopy roofs. However, the options don’t stop there. You will find there are countless ways to customize the promotional bike you order. All you have to do to get started is contact our team. We are ready to help you get the promotional bike you need to help spread brand awareness of your product. You won’t find a more effective marketing method.


Ready to get yourself onto the best pedicab out there? Good. We’re ready to sell you one. Or two. Or ten. Or more!

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Take your message for a ride with
Pedicab Outdoor


Advertising with Pedicab Outdoor leaves an impression like none other. Our custom wraps and unique builds do more than deliver a message. They make a statement that is one part memorable and one part remarkable!

Find out how your brand can connect with customers in a way that’s more personal and fun than any other marketing experience out there.




Now we’re talking cool ideas

Visit our gallery of projects at the Pedicab Outdoor website to browse the creative and exciting ways we have helped companies reach their customer in impressively personal, direct ways.

We have such tremendous advertising power because Coaster Pedicabs are a part of the very fabric of their environments. You can’t get more up close and personal than a ride in a pedicab. Now add your brand message to that experience, and – boom! – instant memorability!

Likewise, pedicabs allow you to directly connect with the age-old “best type of advertising there is”: word of mouth. We’re not merely rolling billboards; our drivers can be outfitted as rolling brand ambassadors, with the ability to talk directly with your audience.

We have been grateful to work with so many outstanding clients over the years, creating so many different campaigns. From the pimped-out ride to the simple branding, the possibilities for effective advertising are quite literally endless!