Mike Cassidy
Fabrication Supervisor, Manufacturing

Mike Cassidy is our Fabrication Supervisor in Bonner. Mike got his hands on his first welder at 11 and was hooked from that moment on. He grew up modifying everything he had in order to make it better than the original and dreaming up new inventions to make life easier. He went to Eastern Wyoming College where he met his wonderful wife Monica. Mike worked at several jobs in his younger years but kept coming back to his love of building things from plastic and metal.
He worked in the high tech plastics manufacturing world for 6 years before moving to Montana, where he has spent the last 20 years in the power sports manufacturing world.
R&D and building things with all types of metals is what drives Mike every day. He says “It never gets old, because there is always something that can be tweaked or improved to be just a little bit better than before”. His down time is spent with his wife, his dogs and horses, and camping in the back country.

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