Justin Bruce
Chief Operating Officer

If it’s at the cutting edge of the pedicab work, you’ll find Justin right there up front. With over nine exciting years of experience in the pedicab industry, Justin is Coaster Pedicab’s operations wizard, manufacturing master, and business development guru.

Justin was the fifth pedicab driver ever hired by Ben at Boston Pedicab in 2005, making his story truly a part of the Coaster story. With a sharp mind for catching detail, he evolved quickly into an amazing manager, and the rest of his journey as Coaster’s “second in command,” is, as they say, pedicab history.

Justin’s positivity and enthusiasm has been directly responsible for introducing pedicabbing to several markets across the U.S., establishing and implementing highly successful operations in both new and existing markets.

If there’s one thing that Justin loves, it’s a well oiled machine – either literally or symbolically. He is always striving to streamline solutions and improve the experience of pedicabbing. With a true passion for green transportation, we’re proud to have at Coaster Pedicab the go-to expert in the industry for pedicab operations and development.