Dennis Morris

The pedicab industry is growing and changing nearly constantly. it can be quite a challenge. But business challenges are what Denis Morris thrives on, and his savvy has been keeping us rolling forward for a decade.

Ten years ago Dennis came to Coaster with a strong background in franchising, and was the perfect fit for a young company expanding nationally. Dennis has been a vital part of just about every decision from the day Ben started, from big concerns on a management level to little things like naming and organization. There’s barely an aspect of Coaster that Dennis hasn’t had some participation in at some point.

Dennis’ background in business is varied, having worked in fields like automotive, seafood and real estate. He has a knack for problem solving and thrives under the pressure of ever-changing business conditions. He has helped several businesses thrive and sees the opportunity for Coaster to become the leader in an industry that is still evolving.