Flanna Ewinger
Office Manager, Montana

Flanna Ewinger is a Missoula transplant, originally from Oxford, Mississippi, best known for its literary contributions. After 4 years of college nestled in the Ozark Mountains and a semester abroad in Greece, she realized she loved being surrounded by mountains and water. When looking for graduate schools, she decided Montana would be the best place for bigger mountains and that Missoula would be an ideal home because of its literary scene. Little did she know at the time, but “The Garden City” would inspire Flanna to pursue another passion besides reading, and that passion is for all things Green: gardening, the 3 R’s—reduce, reuse, recycle—sustainable consumerism, and alternative transportation. Though she’s more likely to be seen biking on a cruiser than a Coaster, she loves being able to assist Coaster customers find their 3-wheeled solutions with Coaster Cycles’ green alternatives. With over a decade of customer service experience, Flanna is excited to use those skills in a different industry that shares her values of promoting sustainable practices and creating a more beautiful (and more fun!) world. After office hours, Flanna enjoys rowing her husband and daughter down the river, hiking with her 2 dogs, reading with her cat, baking new recipes, and making her own products with a DIY club.

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

It all started with a ride to Fenway Park in Boston, and Ben Morris knew the three wheels of a pedicab could go much further than most expect.

Now, after twelve years of operational and financial experience in the pedal-powered transportation industry, Ben Morris has helped develop and grow one of the most successful pedicab businesses in the industry.

That original Boston fleet was only five pedicabs, which he gradually grew into the largest pedicab company in the country. Ben’s sharp eye for niche marketing opportunities and creative ways to build brand awareness enabled him to grow his small business with savvy. In 2009 he founded our sister company, Pedicab Outdoor, a full service media company that offers unique advertising and promotional platforms all via pedicab.

Ben believes that the pedicab industry is an eco-friendly operation that provides “transportainment” — a distinctive and innovative advertising medium that mixes business with pleasure. Under this standard, Coaster Pedicab, Inc, has grown from 5 pedicabs to over 150, with a tribe of more than 375 drivers rolling through many major cities, including Boston (of course), Chicago, Newport, Portland, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Anaheim, Santa Clara, Seattle and Washington DC among the growing list.

In 2014, Ben and the Coaster Team grew once again and announced the launch of our next generation pedicab. With over 2500 hours of research, engineering, and design this pedicab will be the pinnacle for pedicab designs to come.

Ben graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in Marketing and Finance. He enjoys living in the Bay Area with his wife, two young kids, and pug- Dr. Dre.

Justin Bruce
Chief Operating Officer

If it’s at the cutting edge of the pedicab work, you’ll find Justin right there up front. With over nine exciting years of experience in the pedicab industry, Justin is Coaster Pedicab’s operations wizard, manufacturing master, and business development guru.

Justin was the fifth pedicab driver ever hired by Ben at Boston Pedicab in 2005, making his story truly a part of the Coaster story. With a sharp mind for catching detail, he evolved quickly into an amazing manager, and the rest of his journey as Coaster’s “second in command,” is, as they say, pedicab history.

Justin’s positivity and enthusiasm has been directly responsible for introducing pedicabbing to several markets across the U.S., establishing and implementing highly successful operations in both new and existing markets.

If there’s one thing that Justin loves, it’s a well oiled machine – either literally or symbolically. He is always striving to streamline solutions and improve the experience of pedicabbing. With a true passion for green transportation, we’re proud to have at Coaster Pedicab the go-to expert in the industry for pedicab operations and development.

Dennis Morris

The pedicab industry is growing and changing nearly constantly. it can be quite a challenge. But business challenges are what Denis Morris thrives on, and his savvy has been keeping us rolling forward for a decade.

Ten years ago Dennis came to Coaster with a strong background in franchising, and was the perfect fit for a young company expanding nationally. Dennis has been a vital part of just about every decision from the day Ben started, from big concerns on a management level to little things like naming and organization. There’s barely an aspect of Coaster that Dennis hasn’t had some participation in at some point.

Dennis’ background in business is varied, having worked in fields like automotive, seafood and real estate. He has a knack for problem solving and thrives under the pressure of ever-changing business conditions. He has helped several businesses thrive and sees the opportunity for Coaster to become the leader in an industry that is still evolving.

Allan Bond
Vice President of Pedicab Outdoor

Allan joined Pedicab Outdoor at its inception in 2009. As Vice President and Director of Business Development he’s fully involved with the Out of Home (OOH) advertising sales cycle including client presentations, RFP’s, media metrics, artwork, ad installations, and proof of performance reports.

Allan began his OOH advertising career in 2002, spending several years as the Director of National Accounts for the Mall Radio Network. Prior to Pedicab Outdoor, Allan was the Director of Business Development for Windowgain, a start-up OOH digital media company. A life-long Bostonian, Allan graduated from Northeastern University and holds a BS degree in Business Management.

To learn more about what advertising opportunities via pedicab, visit the full Pedicab Outdoor site.

Jorge Olascoaga
Operations Manager (San Francisco)

Jorge Olascoaga grew up in San Francisco, California, known as “The City by the Bay,” where his passion for culinary, bicycles and riding started. When he is not bombing through the hills of the city, cooking delicious meals for friends and family, or designing custom bicycle handlebars, he is running the pedicab operations for Coaster Cycles, as Operations Manager. From making sure every shop has the tools and supplies or assisting the location managers in any given need, to customer inquiries, Jorge makes sure that all pedicab shops and operations run smoothly. He has a passion for everything that he does, outstanding attention to detail, and is extremely reliable.

Mike Cassidy
Fabrication Supervisor, Manufacturing

Mike Cassidy is our Fabrication Supervisor in Bonner. Mike got his hands on his first welder at 11 and was hooked from that moment on. He grew up modifying everything he had in order to make it better than the original and dreaming up new inventions to make life easier. He went to Eastern Wyoming College where he met his wonderful wife Monica. Mike worked at several jobs in his younger years but kept coming back to his love of building things from plastic and metal.
He worked in the high tech plastics manufacturing world for 6 years before moving to Montana, where he has spent the last 20 years in the power sports manufacturing world.
R&D and building things with all types of metals is what drives Mike every day. He says “It never gets old, because there is always something that can be tweaked or improved to be just a little bit better than before”. His down time is spent with his wife, his dogs and horses, and camping in the back country.

Melinda Ponzio Belli
National Sales Manager for Pedicab Outdoor

As our West Coast based National Sales Manager, Melinda Ponzio Belli is responsible for selling all Pedicab Outdoor products nationwide, growing client relationships, working with advertising agencies, and preparing and presenting media presentations.
Melinda joined Pedicab Outdoor with 20 years experience in the Out of Home (OOH) advertising arena.  Melinda started her career in shopping mall advertising where she worked her way up to General Manager of the Clear Channel Outdoor Mall Division.  Melinda later spent 11 years with JCDecaux North America as their West Coast National Sales Director where she was a top salesperson for all OOH products including Billboards, Transit, Malls, and Airports.  Melinda graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in Business-Finance.

Jedd Davis
Experiential Marketing Director

Jedd adds a new, unique flare to the Coaster team with an impressive background in Experiential Marketing. He has 10+ years of promotional and event marketing experience representing some of the top agencies and brands in the industry.

Jedd started his marketing career with Cardenas Marketing Network in the beer realm of promotional marketing representing Anheuser-Busch in Austin, TX and traveling all over the U.S. He also worked on a variety of other brands including MillerCoors, Corona, Nike, Maui Jim, McDonald’s, McCormick, H&R Block, & Neutrogena. Some of Jedd’s most notable CMN program highlights involve going on tour with the professional Budweiser Fútbol Kings two years consecutive (2009-2010) to celebrate FIFA sponsorship of the World Cup, managing Bud Light sponsorship tour for the world known music artist/song writer Pitbull (2010-2011) and managing Maui Jim sunglasses first ever Experiential program with two “Flying Jimmy” mobile units. His previous experience at CMN (2009-2015) provided him great key learnings and insights into event marketing and the ever growing multicultural Hispanic marketing segment.
After his 6+ years at CMN, he moved on to partner with the award winning Mosaic Sales Solutions agency owned by ACOSTA Sales & Marketing. During his time at Mosaic (2015-2018), his focus was on Experiential Marketing for Nestlé USA and assisted the New Business Development team. He helped build the Nestlé account from 2 brands to 5 brands, having a field marketing presence in over 20 U.S. cities. Other client projects he worked on included Starbucks, Oracle, AT&T & StubHub. His most significant achievements at Mosaic include managing Mosaic’s first multimillion dollar University partnership across three college campuses for Nestlé Coffee-mate and launched Häagen-Dazs first Experiential national program across 5 U.S. markets. He was a recipient of ACOSTA Chairman’s Award 2017 – Gold Winner for team work and client trust on growing the Nestlé business.

It is no doubt Jedd delivers effective business management, superior execution and teamwork that surpasses client and program goals. His specialties include Experiential Marketing, event planning, logistics and execution, account management, design and fabrication of marketing projects and loves leading local teams in the field.

With all the current buzz and continuous growth of Experiential, he is excited to help Coaster Cycles shake up the Experiential Marketing space all on 3 wheels!!

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