Take your 'ice cream social' to a whole new level

with a Coaster Ice Cream Bike. Nothing appeals more to a wide range of masses, than a frozen, cold treat...
especially when conveniently positioned and pleasantly unexpected.

Starting At:
$ 4,495

Ice Cream bike

  • Easy-to-ride 24 speed drivetrain
  • Heavily insulated cargo area
  • Over 4.5 cubic feet of cold storage capacity – holds approx. 200 4 oz. Containers
  • Twin Troy Hills top lids for a traditional “ice cream shop” look
  • HDPE plastic lining with cold plate holders and drain
  • Magnetic top corners to secure containers
  • Rear hydraulic brake with parking lock
  • Umbrella (optional)
  • Easily transports in the back of a van
  • Rear bumpers for vertical storage
umbrella width
Fully Insulated,
Plastic Lined
Cargo Area with
Cold Plate Holders
and Drain

The Coaster Ice Cream Bike

is 91″ long x 35″ wide
(not including umbrella width).

Showcase your brand and products

in a unique and memorable way with this profit generating mobile freezer on wheels. Agile and easy to get in and out of tight spaces, the Coaster Ice Cream Bike is a frozen confection dream machine.

umbrella width
Magnetic Top Corners Hold Accessories
Twin Troy Hills Insulated Lids
Plastic Lined Cargo Area with
Cold Plate Retainers and Drain

Standard Ice Cream Bike Features

  • Heavy-Duty Steel Frame
  • 24-Speed Drive Train
  • Locked-In Alignment Axle
  • Parking Brakes
  • Rear Hydraulic Brake
  • Heavy-Duty Tires
  • 12 Gauge, 48 Spoke Wheels
  • Vertical Storage Bumpers
  • Dual Crown Fork
  • Lightweight Aluminum Body
  • Rear Differential
  • Powdercoated Chassis and Body

Ice Cream Bike Add-On Options

  • High-Efficiency LED Lighting Package –
    • Includes Front White Lights, Rear Red Lights,
    • Weatherproof Wiring Harness, and
    • Powdercoated Aluminum Battery Box
  • Under Fender LED Lighting Package –
    • Includes Single-Color Lights and Weatherproof Wiring (Requires Fenders and Lighting Package)
  • Performance Upgrade
    • Includes Front Disc Brake, Thorn Resistant
    • Tubes, SPD/Platform Pedals, and Lock On Grips
  • Custom Box Color
  • Side Fenders
  • Custom Vinyl Wrap Installed

Easy to Pedal and Head Turning

A 24-speed (3×8) drivetrain makes the journey to your destination comfortable and enjoyable. Additional features such as under umbrella LED lighting keep you shining night or day. A parking brake lock holds you securely in place while parked.

The umbrella and box panels provide generous space for marketing and create a memorable brand presence that promotes long-term customer loyalty

Showcase Your Products and Your Brand!

The possibilities are as infinite and fun as your imagination. Get your entrepreneurial dream in gear!
Visit us at CoasterCycles.com.

Ice Cream Bike Color Choices

Coaster Cargo chassis are available standard in either black or heavy steel. Cargo boxes, pickups and vendor panels are available in our standard color offerings. (See below) Have a unique color you want to use on your Coaster Bike? No problem.We can accommodate custom color requests, too!

Color options
  • dot green
  • blue gloss
  • traffic yellow
  • red gloss
  • burgundy
  • GlossWhite
  • gray
  • Ultrachrome
  • matte black
  • safety orange


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