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Our E-assist system is designed to provide extra power when pedaling alone is not enough.

Whether carrying Pedicab passengers or heavy warehouse loads, the Coaster E-assist was developed to handle a variety of situations.
Designed for adjustability, with three main power settings available: Economy – up to 500w, Legal – ~500w – 750w, and off road – 750w – 1650w and higher.

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*lncludes motor, mounting bracket, installation, one high-quality 48v/14Ah lithium ion battery and
charger. Order a second battery and charger for an additional $650.
E-assist motor can't be purchased without the purchase of a Coaster model .

E-assist Specifications


  • 48v battery available for custom orders
  • Brushless DC gear motor w/ ½” output shaft and heavy duty, free wheel
  • Street compliant, programmable and lockable from 250w – 750w
  • Work site capabilities of 1650w – 3000w (when properly programmed and equipped)


  • 40A controller capable
  • Waterproof, pushbutton power switch to disable system
  • No unplugging from battery needed


  • Lithium Ion 48v/14Ah lockable, hard case, down tube style battery
  • Includes 2.5 amp charger
  • Power status indicator and lighted display
  • Theft proof, keyed battery lock

Pedal Assist

  • Torque sensing bottom bracket
  • Senses torque being applied from both pedals
  • 12 pole cadence sensora

Digital Read Out Display

  • We use one of the most versatile and advanced dash board monitors to give feedback and adjustability


  • Watt gauge, voltage status, MPH/KPH, trip odometer, bike odometer, wattage output (rider/motor), throttle position, brake lock indicator, speed limiting cutoff and much more

Three-Position Power Setting

  • Handlebar mounted three position switch that toggles between three pre-programmed power settings – low, medium and high

E-Brake Cut Off

  • Both front and rear brake levers cut power to motor when squeezed


  • E-assist is standard programming where motor output is determined by rider pedal input (light pedaling gives low motor output, heavy pedaling produces higher motor output to match demand)
  • Optional ambidextrous thumb throttle

Drive Train

  • Motor is linked to the rear differential via heavy duty1/2” pitch bikechain with 14 tooth free wheel sprocket on motor to a 36 tooth stainless steel rear differential sprocket
  • No E-power is run through the pedal drive system, so no concerns of premature pedal drive train failure