Coaster Cycles & Work In Progress Bring Nescafé’s Coffee Chauffeur Project to Life Across College Campuses in Canada

Toronto, Canada, February 6, 2019: Coaster Cycles has teamed with Work In Progress (WIP), a full service innovation and advertising agency, to bring Nescafé’s vision of “The Coffee Chauffer” to life. Nescafé’s objective was to make the morning process easier for students by not only providing them their morning cup of coffee, but also transporting them to class while they drank it. Coaster Cycles provided the custom built pedicabs for this project which served as a mini coffee shop on wheels.

Students were able to witness just how quick and easy it was to make a cup of instant coffee before their 8 a.m. class using Nescafé’s Sweet & Creamy packets. The campaign targeted several college campuses throughout Canada, which encouraged the company to expand their offering- if students want the Nescafé “Coffee Chauffer” to visit their campus- they can head over to the Nescafé website and fill out a form to select their campus for the Chauffer’s next stop!

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About Coater Cycles: Coaster Cycles inspires communities and brands to move, connect, and deliver with the world around them. Coaster is an eco-friendly mobility company that builds best-in-class three-wheel vehicles, delivers advertising campaigns, and transportation services for individuals and organizations. Clients include governments, Fortune 500 corporations, universities, non- profits, small businesses and events. By using Coaster, clients help reduce congestion, promote local business, can reduce costs, access car-restricted areas, and always make an impression.

About Work In Progress: Work In Progress is a full-service innovation and advertising agency. WIP works with every new partner to understand or uncover why their brand passionately exists. They use that why to fuel ideation, guide innovation, position products and offerings, and create the most powerful advertising possible.

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