At first, pedicabs seem so simple. But there’s actually more to it than just three wheels coasting along. Pedicabbing is magic; it’s a far greater story than just the sum of it’s humble parts.

That’s why Coaster came rolling along. We know all those parts. We get how they fit together. And we’re madly passionate about making them work (Seriously – we love this stuff!). No single aspect of pedicabbing is more important than any other, and we know you can’t focus on one part without somehow altering the others.

In short: we get it.

Pedicabs are our passion. We eat, sleep and breathe the pursuit of better three-wheeled solutions. And we’ve been at it for over a decade – refining it, thinking about it and improving it. Now we want to roll out those cool, three-wheel solutions to you.

Come ride. You’ll see.